About and Contact Information

I am a researcher primarily affiliated with the Department of Mathematics at Stony Brook University, the VERSES Research Lab, and the Spatial Web Foundation more broadly. I am also involved in the Department of Biomedical Engineering inside SBU’s Renaissance School of Medicine, and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at SBU. Previously, I was at MIT, and I have also consulted for the London-based AI and active inference think tank, Nested Minds Solutions. Since January 2022 much of my work has been funded by VERSES and the Spatial Web Foundation.

I am broadly interested in applying methods from mathematical physics, like geometry, topology, and category theory, to problems in statistical and biological physics, stochastic dynamics, and probability theory. One of my long-term research goals is to formulate an axiomatic complex systems theory. Myself and some collaborators have been working on a new approach to the statistical physics of non-equilibria and complexity, called Bayesian mechanics. For a summary of my current research, see this page.

My articles can be found on the arXiv, and infrequently on bioRxiv. I tend to give a lot of talks, so I encourage the reader to look at these as well—some of them are viewable here. Advocacy and press relating to my work can be found here. Otherwise, reach me at dalton.sakthivadivel@stonybrook.edu or dalton.sakthivadivel@verses.io.

It seems like something of a tradition for mathematicians to maintain a blog about their work, amongst other things. I think it would be nice to post about specific items (e.g. papers) every once in a while, which will happen on this website. I also make posts on twitter, @DaltonSakthi, where I am sometimes more active. In addition, I can be found on MathOverflow, on Wikipaedia, and with ORCiD 0000-0002-7907-7611. If one looks hard enough, I’ve been known to show up in various places on Discord.

Enter this website if and only if your personal model of mathematics is consistent with Ardila’s axioms.