About and Contact Information

I am currently senior researcher in the mathematics group at the VERSES Research Lab. I am on leave from the Department of Mathematics at Stony Brook University, where I was also involved in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and the Department of Biomedical Engineering inside SBU’s Renaissance School of Medicine. Previously, I was at MIT. Since January 2022 much of my work has been funded by VERSES.

I am broadly interested in applying methods from mathematical physics, like geometry, topology, and category theory, to problems in statistical and biological physics, random dynamics, and probability theory. I am particularly interested in non-equilibrium and non-stationary stochastic processes. For a summary of my current research, see this page (/research).

My articles can be found on the arXiv. Some of the talks I have given are viewable here (/talks). Advocacy and press relating to my work can be found here (/other). Otherwise, reach me at dalton.sakthivadivel@stonybrook.edu or dalton.sakthivadivel@verses.ai. (Note that the older *@verses.io extension remains in service.)

It seems like something of a tradition for mathematicians to maintain a blog about their work, amongst other things. I think it would be nice to post about specific items (e.g. papers) every once in a while, which will happen on this website. I also make posts on twitter, @DaltonSakthi, where I am sometimes more active. In addition, I can be found on MathOverflow, infrequently on Wikipedia, and with ORCiD 0000-0002-7907-7611. Other useful links: Google Scholar, Semantic Scholar, bioRxiv.


Fiona Blackett

Francesco Sacco (co-supervised with M Levin)

Postdoctoral members of the VERSES mathematics group (co-supervised with K Friston FRS)

Lance Da Costa

Tommaso Salvatori

Toby St Clere Smithe


Enter this website if and only if your personal model of mathematics is consistent with Ardila’s axioms.